Anonymous said: Your pain feels so familiar, it reminds me that I'm not the only one who's made friends with the truth. Thank you

no, thank you you you. 

Anonymous said: So how about that white privilege?

if your anonymous ass wanted to have a discussion about society’s convoluted definition of race, that’d be different…but for now…thats my (biological) pop with the gtown snapback and my (biological) grandpop with the smile. jerk. 

staceys-secret said: Could you elaborate on "you can't ride dick without culture behind you" that line is so powerful, but when I ask my male friends both white and black on their interpretation of it, it seems to go over their heads.

ask more intellectual, dirtier friends. 

Anonymous said: where can I find a man like you?

my brother is in Northern India searching for God and my father is upstairs. 

Anonymous said: Have you ever felt a poem that could not be brought into words? Sometimes words are not enough.


Anonymous said: Where is your inspiration when writing?

did you mean when or what? at the moment, i’m more interested in your inquiry as to “when”. and for that——- 100 BC-100 AD….and the late 60s of course.

hold-o-n-till-m-a-y said: you're such an amazing & talented writer ! what age did you start ?

"momma says all it takes is one look at the kid to tell i’ve been a rose-tongued wordsmith since birth"

mermaidcurcur said: Are you really going to start writing a part 2 too maskless ?

already in the works. 

Anonymous said: I love you. I'd bang the shit out of you if you were into light skinned girls.

i don’t believe in discrimination. 

Anonymous said: Whats your passion?

sunday afternoons